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  • It helps maintain good breath
  • Great for asthma patience
  • It is effective in treating cough in children, enabling the lungs to relax
  • It acts as a good emulsifier.
  • Used for treating loss of appetite, common cold

Mouth Freshener

The Longrich Mouth Freshener contains a mix of white tea, mint essence, peppermint oil and moisturizing components which refresh your mind, give you fresh breath and protect your oral health.


· White Tea Extract: One of China’s six major tea classes. Only produced in Fujian, China and Sri Lanka.

White tea inhibits the growth of bacteria, eliminates bad breath, promotes healing of the periodontal tissue and prevents bleeding gums. It increases the body’s natural ability to fight off infections five times over. It accelerates the healing of oral ulceration.

· Mint Essence: Gives you fresh breath, protects oral health, Peppermint Oil

· Moisturizers


· Use after meals or whenever needed, Hold vertically straight and spray directly into the mouth., DO NOT use when smoking because it contains ethanol, DO NOT spray to the eye, Use with caution.


· Helps maintain fresh breathe, Great for asthma patients, It is effective in treating cough in children, enabling the lungs to relax.

It acts as a good emulsifier, it is used for treating loss of appetite, common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, fever, nausea, vomiting and indigestion as a herbal agent, it can evaluate liver antioxidant defenses, It has a cooling effect and used in cellulite treatment because of its properties as a cooling agent.

It has anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties of green tea. It stimulates the body’s cold receptors producing a cooling sensation when inhaled.

It helps control the perception of pains. It helps treat sore throat or nasal congestion. It suppresses the urge to cough and creates a sensation of increased openness in the nasal passages in people suffering from nasal congestion.

It can be used with warm water to relieve cold symptoms through the release of vapour.

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Longrich Mouth Freshner

Longrich Mouth Freshner


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