Norland Sunlit Toothpaste

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  • Norland Herbal Toothpaste is made from natural ingredients.
  • It has no trace of chemical.
  • Flouride free.
  • Protect Gum
  • Removes Dental Plaque
  • Strengthen Tooth Enamel
  • Strengthen Teeth
  • Fresh Breath
  • Whitens Teeth

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes: white and glossy tooth is the expression of vigorous kidney and abundant body liquid. And toothpaste is the best and long-term tool for nourishing kidneys and caring teeth. Sunlit Herbal Essences Toothpaste, “caring tooth by essence”, will keep longer.

Normal toothpaste is just like washing the leaf. If the leaf turns yellow from the root, it will useless no matter how to wash and clean.

The tooth is the leaf, the kidney is the root

Follow the ancient prescription, to nourish “leaf” by root.
Follow the natural nursing rule of the oral cavity, perfectly combine the herbal essence
cells, make the essence move along the throat with body liquid, to nourish kidney and
vitality. Starting from the “root”, it effectively solves various types of oral health

Top Secret Formula, Assist Each Other

Select natural herbal essences, complete herbal medicinal ingredients. Fluoride free,
and preservative free, furthest keep the active state of natural ingredients in the


  • Longtime Strengthen Tooth – Starting from the “root”, it utilizes the secret formula to make tooth stronger and
    more healthy.
  • Deeply Clean Tooth – Rich in various natural herbal active ingredients, it can go deep into the place of oral cavity which is difficult to be cleaned, and keep the oral cavity deeply clean.
  • Protect and Strengthen Tooth, Strengthen Enamel – Select high quality oat dietary fiber stimulation essence, which can effectively
    maintain the gingival health, and strengthen the enamel.
  • Reduce Bacterial Plaque – Keep a good growing environment for gingival, enhance the bacteriostasis of lysozyme in oral saliva, reduce bacterial plaque, brighten and whiten teeth.
  • Freshen Breath – Dual mint odor type, persistently eliminate bad breath, last fresh breath, make oral cavity feel refreshed and conformable.

Perfect Combination of Medicine and Plant

Oat dietary fiber, can effectively clear residue in gingiva, and keep gingiva healthy.
The precious herbal medicine, notoginseng root power

Has the efficacy of “removing stasis, decreasing swelling and alleviating pain, and has
a reputation of immortal grass.

Features of Sunlit Herbal Essences Toothpaste:

  • The active ingredient CPC (oxide hexadecyl pyridine) can effectively suppress
    periodontal pathogen.
  • The unique cap design in simple operation, is easy to be placed on washstand.
  • Low foaminess pasty fluid, avoids to impact the antibacterial effect due to
    excessive foam while brushing.
  • Sunlit Herbal Toothpaste is a specialty toothpaste effectively suppressing periodontal
    pathogen and preventing periodontal diseases.

Product: Natural β-Carotene Capsules
Natural Barrier Against Aging, Power Source of Heart Brain

Composition and effect:
This product is a health food mainly made up of β-Carotene, peanut salad oil, gelatin,
glycerin, sucrose syrup and water, which has the health function of supplementing β-Carotene

Suitable for:

Adult who need to supplement β-Carotene

Unsuitable for:


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