• Vitabiotics Wellwoman 70+

    The first supplement of its kind, this is a trusted source of nutrients for heart, brain and immune system health.

    • 26 vitamins and nutrients in one unique formulation
    • The first ever supplement designed for women aged 70 and above
    • The UK’s No.1 women’s supplement brand
  • HealthGarde 40 Plus – For Woman

    Many symptoms of menopause occur as a result of falling estrogen levels in the body, resulting in symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and failing bones.

    SOYA ISOFLAVONES are a group of naturally occurring chemicals that mimic the overall shape of estrogen in the body.

    In many ways they can be thought of as plant-based oestrogen alternatives.


    Isoflavones from soya beans have been used in traditional Eastern medicine for 500+ years and has been reported to provide a number of health benefits. These include:

    • promotion of heart health
    • maintenance of bone health in post-menopausal women
    • alleviate menopause symptoms.
  • Bell PMS Combo

    • Formulated to help relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms, such as mood swings, nervousness, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, cramping, before or during cycle, hormone imbalance, menstrual maladies, and inflammation.*
    • Helps promote healthy menstruation, soothing diuretic.*
    • Passionflower is traditionally used in herbal medicine as a sleep aid (in cases of restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress).*
    • Provides antioxidants.
    • GMO free and allergen free.

    Bell PMS Combo

  • Bell HRT Menopause Combo

    Menopause combo helps in maintaining a healthy hormone balance and provides the female body system with essential antioxidants that protects the cell from free radicals during menopause stage.


    • Provides the body system with adequate energy and vitality which allows ease of work and adequate health management during menopause.
    • Provides the body with essential antioxidants that enables proper cell functioning during menopause stage.
    • Relieves hot flashes and supports healthy mood balance during menopause.
    • Helps alleviate night sweats.
    • Help relieve menstrual pain.
    • Regulates the hypothalamus/pituitary axis to restore proper hormone balance.

    Bell HRT Menopause Combo


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