Longrich Xinchang (Green) Tea


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  • It treats piles
  • It treats jaundice
  • It treats kidney disorder
  • It helps in weight loss
  • It treats urinary disorder
  • It can lower blood pressure


This tea helps to remove bilirubin and check its production; it’s good for the liver, stomach, a good detoxifier, it purifies the blood, it also checks destruction of the red cell during jaundice by increasing supply of fresh oxygen in the blood.

It is rich in roughages i.e. indigestible carbohydrate, it facilitate digestion, retain water, cures constipation (one of the main causes of pile) and thus gives relief in pile, being a good detoxifier it helps heal up pile fast, also soothes digestive & excretory system.

This tea also increases production of urine, cures inflammation and burning feeling during urinating. It also inhibits infection in the kidney & urine system, thus it is useful in curing urinary disorder.

It is anti-carcinogenic and detoxifying, it’s a very good dietary option for those determined to lose weight.

KIDNEY DISORDER: it helps wash away toxins accumulated in the kidneys, lessens accumulation of toxins in the blood.

Relieves congestion of respiratory system including nose

Provides relaxing and tranquilizing effect thus combating depression.


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