Longrich Black Tea & Tremella Mix Drink


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  • Rapid weight loss.
  • Good appetite suppressant.
  • Helps reduce excessively conserved weight in the body, thereby enabling a perfect body shape, making you look younger and beautiful and suppresses appetite.
  • Rapid weight loss



Black Tea derives its name from the black appearance of the finished tea. Black tea belongs to one of the six major tea categories. It is a post-fermented tea.

The main production areas are Sichuan, Yunnan, Hubei, Hunan, Shanxi, Anhui and other places. Traditional black tea uses black-haired tea as raw materials. It has high maturity and is the main raw material for compressed tea.

Among them, Hunan Anhua black tea is the most well-known.

Black Tea is highly consumed from the world over with 80 percent of the human population consuming it. It came from an evergreen shrub, “Camellia Sinensis.”

It is used as antioxidant, boosts heart health, lowers bad cholesterol, improves gut health, helps reduce blood pressure, may reduce the risk of stroke, lowers blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of cancer and improves focus.

Tremella is known as a “beauty mushroom” because of its anti-aging properties. It is a type of mushroon, “Tremella Fuciformis.” It is known to nourish skin, naturally moisturises, improves elasticity, slows skin aging, brightens complexion and deeply hydrates inside and out.

With these two combined you are guaranteed weight loss without the ugly skin sagging and will look younger and more beautiful.

White fungus Extract from Tremella, Inhibits Fsp27, controls the growth of lipid droplets,keeps obesity at bay; White fat cells are transformed into brown fat cells to increase fat consumption; Activates AMPK to promote fat burning.


  • Pure and natural Special exclusive compound formulation
  • High-tech concentrated extraction
  • Rapid weight loss without yo-yo effect
  • Removes fat but does not remove body fluid and does not promote water loss
  • Safe without side effects


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