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Keywords: Weight Loss and Maintenance, Ketosis, Lean Muscle Mass, Blood Sugar, Joints, Skin, Nails and Hair

During long periods of fasting and intense exercise, when there is insufficient carbohydrate to provide the energy needs of the body, ketones are produced from fat, by the liver (ketogenesis), increasing the blood ketone levels (ketonemia) to support the energy needs of the body. Thus, essentially during this state of ketosis body fat is “burned”.

Such knowledge about the shuffling of energy substrates and utilization during these periods of higher energy need is what serves as the model of nutritional ketosis. During the dietary intake of ketones/MCT and little or no carbohydrate, nutritional ketosis is generated which changes the metabolic profile of the normal body. With Keto collagen diet, there is decreased storage of fat, enhanced fat oxidation (burning) while the feeling of hunger is suppressed (satiety). The MCT in TET METABOLIC’s Keto Collagen Formula are derived from Organic coconut. During ketosis, you don’t only lose fat, muscles are also lost. The collagen in our Keto Collagen has essential muscle synthesizing amino acids to support muscle mass

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Vanilla Keto Collagen Protein

Vanilla Keto Collagen Protein


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