Green World Pine Pollen Tea: Alleviate Fatigue, Adjust and Balance body functions


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Green World Pine Pollen Tea is a refreshing herbal tea that can alleviate fatigue and soothe the nerve. The effect of this drink are long-term as well, with regular consumption adjusting body functions in order to maintain homeostasis.


The Green World Pine Pollen Tea

The green world pine pollen tea has been crowned “king of the pollens” for its unique nutritional value and health benefits. The proteins content which is 5 to 7 times higher than milk or eggs, exists mainly as free amino acids.

Pine Pollen Tea’s vitamin c count is also much more potent that any fresh fruit or vegetables making it an outstanding food source for vitamins!

Not only does this amazing drink provide you with abundant nutrients but it will improve your immunity, balance out hormones in women and men by regulating their endocrine system while lowering blood sugar levels improving prostate disorders too!

The amazing tea was recently given the title “King of all polls” due to its distinct advantages over other varieties such as

Benefit of Green World Pine Pollen Tea

  1. Provides abundant nutrients, improves immunity and enhances organs and systems of the body.
  2. Regulates endocrine system and balances the estrogen to testosterone ratio in women and men.
  3. Lowers blood sugar level and protects cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system with it’s antioxidant properties.
  4. Prevents and alleviates prostate disorders.

Recommended Use:

  1. For all age groups, especially:
  2. For those with chronic fatigue.
  3. 1-2 sachets in a day. The same sachet serves about 5 cups (approximate half a liter) of tea.


Pine pollen tea has been a traditional remedy in East Asia to help with hay fever. This recipe includes pine extract and green tea powder. These are both well-known natural remedies for the common cold as they contain antioxidants that can reduce inflammation of nasal passages.

Key Knowledge About Pine Pollen Tea

  • Nutritional value of Pine Pollen
    Pine Pollen has been crowned as “king of the pollens”  for its unique and nutritional value and health benefits. It contains over 200 nutrients in abundant amount, including 22 amino acids, 14 vitamins. Also over 30 minerals, trace elements, active enzymes, flavonoids and other bioactive components.
  • Rutin and flavones
    Pine pollen contains rich amounts of rutin and flavones. It has the obvious power of inhibiting oxidation and can effectively protect the endothelial cells of blood vessels. This especially from the influence of deleterious factors. It retard the aging of endothelial cells of blood vessels.
  • Protein
    The protein in pine pollen exists mainly as free amino acids, which are 5-7 times of that of milk and egg. The vitamin C content of pine pollen is higher than that in the vegetables and fruits. This makes pine pollen an outstanding food for vitamin C.
  • Health benefits for Green Tea
    The polyphenols, lipopolysaccharides, and the amines in Green Tea contributes to its properties of antioxidation, anti cancer, anti aging and anti radiation and an immune enhancer.

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Green World Pine Pollen Tea: Alleviate Fatigue, Adjust and Balance body functions


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