Longrich Brightening Hand Cream


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  • Nutritional moisturizing factor
  • Gives the hand and skin moisture
  • Repairs dark heavy skin
  • Makes skin brightening, soft, smooth and high resillience.

Longrich Brightening Hand Cream (Soft & Smooth) is a brand that keeps palms supple with nice fragrance which treats allergic reactions caused by chemicals from other substances.

It keeps the skin brightening smooth, soft and high resillience. With advance particle technology, it keeps vitamins more stable which is easier to be absorbed and penetrated.


Gives the hand and skin moisture, it make the hand softer hand and leaves it with nice fragrance, it has the ability to treat allergic reaction caused by chemical content of local soaps and it is very effective.

It is rich in protein, vitamin A, C & E. It contains various types of high moisturizing ingredients that penetrates into deeper skin level, repairing dryness, heavy dark and dehydrated skin.

Frequent use can makes hand skin stay young, soft and smooth.

After washing your hand, apply appropriate amount to hand and skin evenly and massage gently to the hand.

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Longrich Brightening HAND CREAM

Longrich Brightening Hand Cream


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