Green World Livergen Capsule: Adjust Liver Fat Metabolism and Prevents Liver Disease


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A great way to increase your liver health is by taking Green World Livergen capsules daily. These pills will help you adjust the fat metabolism in your liver, reducing the damage against it from toxins and preventing cirrhosis and fibrosis of the organ.

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Green World Livergen Capsule

Green World Livergen capsule are made for those looking to improve the condition of their liver. These pills help with detoxification, reducing cirrhosis and fibrosis, as well as preventing damage against cells by toxins.

Livergen capsule is a nutritional supplement which helps people who want healthy livers! It reduces any potential harm cell-toxins might cause your body while also improving your metabolism so you can better digest fats and control weight gain or lose weight more easily.

Green World Livergen Capsule is a liver care product made out of various plant extracts. It can repair and stabilize the liver cells and their membrane; adjust the fat metabolism in liver; assist in liver detoxification as well as reduce the damage against the liver cells by toxins.

This product improves the liver cell regeneration and repair, thus improves the liver functions after the liver cells are damaged.

Benefits of Livergen Capsule

  1. A detoxifier accelerates the excretion of toxins;
  2. Improves hepatic microcirculation and enhances liver function;
  3. Promotes liver cell regeneration;
  4. Slows down liver cirrhosis caused by fatty liver, hepatitis and alcoholism;
  5. Alleviates liver damage caused by chemicals, heavy metals, medicines, food poisons or other pollutants.

Suitable for:

  • People who intend to detoxify their system
  • People with liver disease such as fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis or other liver diseases
  • Those people with cholecystitis, gallstone, jaundice or other gall disorders
  • People who drink excessively
  • People who work in contaminated environment.

Recommended Use of Livergen Capsule

  1. Each bottle Contain 500 mg x 60 capsules.
  2. Take 2 capsules each time, 2 times in a day.
  3. For those with liver diseases such as fatty liver, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis.
  4. For those with gall bladder diseases such as chronic cholecystitis and gallstone.
  5. Good For those who drink excessively.
  6. For those who stay up late regularly.

Ingedients: Cassia Seed, Fructus Lycii, White Chrysanthemum, the root of Dahurian Angelica, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Dandelion.

Key knowledge:

  • About liver

    Liver is the largest glandular organ that sits on the right side of the abdomen. The body relies upon the liver to remove toxins and it is connected to every disease or dysfunction that is happening inside the body.

    • Metabolizs proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, thus providing energy and nutrients
    • Stores vitamins, minerals, and sugars
    • Filters the blood and helps remove harmful chemicals and bacteria
    • Creates bile which breaks down fats
    • Creates serum proteins that maintain fluid balance and act as carriers
    • Helps maintain electrolyte and water balance
    • Creates immune substances such as gamma globulin
    • Breaks down and eliminates excess hormones
    • Synthesizes urea, constructs blood protein, interconverts amino acids
    • Constructs 50,000 systems of systems of enzymes to govern metabolic activity throughout the body
    • Removes damaged red blood cells

This is only part of the long list of liver function. It is still uncertain exactly how many functions the liver is responsible for.

  • Liver disease
    Many factors are culprits of live disease. These include infection of hepatitis B, unhealthy diet, air pollution, cigarette smoking, prolonged fatigue, severe flu, and so on.
  • How does Livergen capsule help?
    Green World Livergen Capsule improves the hepatic blood floe and the microcirculation in the liver; promotes the regeneration of the impaired liver cells. It gradually renews the normal function of liver that has been attacked and improves the detox function of liver.




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