Eye Care Softgel: Prevent Eyestrain, Dry Eyes, and Vision loss


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Green World Eye Care Softgel. The most effective and safest eye care formula in the world. 100% pure natural, no side effect. High potency ingredient for superior vision health and well being.


Green World Eye Care Softgel

Green World Blueberry Eye Care Softgel is a revolutionary product filled with antioxidants and vitamins.

This product has many benefits for the eye, such as repairing capillary damage caused by free radicals, regenerating rhodopsin (key pigment in retina), improving micro-circulation of eyes to alleviate eyestrain fatigue.

The key ingredient Rutin helps protect against radiation from blue light that can cause retinal damage!

The Green World Eye Care is a natural remedies that treats and corrects all eye problems, like cataract, glaucoma, shortsightedness (myopia), hyperopia (far sightedness) lazy eye((amblyopia)), cross-eye(strabismus) etc. Within six weeks of usage without any need for surgery.

Benefit of Eye Care Softgel

  1. It helps alleviate eyestrain,
  2. Prevent and relive dry eyes and vision loss
  3. Protects eyesight.
  4. Improve blood circulation of the eye.
  5. Nourishes the eye with all useful nutrient.
  6. Improve blurred vision, glaucoma, cataract and night blindness.
  7. Prevent and improves the condition of eye disorders such as the failing vision and night blindness.
  8. Improves eyesight and increase visual acuity.

Recommended Usage

  1. Recommended for those with impaired vision.
  2. For those who use eyes intensively, such as students, office workers, drivers, etc.
  3. For those with diabetes to prevent or alleviate diabetic retinopathy.
  4. Size:800 mg x 60 softgels
  5. For adults: 1-2 softgels each time, once in a day;
  6. For children: 1 softgel each time, once in a day

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