Rain Core


Say goodbye to green smoothies and hello to CORE. Scientifically formulated, CORE packs nutrients in just one, easy-sip pouch.

1oz of this green-based powerhouse:

  • detoxifies your body,
  • boosts immunities,
  • provides essential vitamins and minerals,
  • and reduces inflammation.

Getting your greens has never been easier.

1 box of CORE (30 Packs)


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    There is an extremely small percentage of human beings across the globe that get their greens. So, we created a super-condensed, powerful packet that gives you exactly that. Along with the 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables it offers, CORE provides detoxification for your organs, a boost to your immune system, and support at the cellular level.

    It’s green. It’s strong. It’s beautifully simple.

    Core’s Key Ingredients

    Wheat Grass

    A superfood whose nutrient profile encompasses a heavy concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes. Why take a wheat grass shot when you can get a shot of CORE?


    One of the original superfoods. Packed with sulfur, dietary fiber, and more, Kale aids fat digestion and absorption, and the regulation of blood sugar. It’s a super ingredient for a super supplement.


    Additional information

    Weight0.75 kg
    Active Ingredients

    Kale, Wheat Grass


    1 Box, 1 Pack

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