Blueberry Enzymes Tablet: Clear Vision and Digestion-Beneficial Product


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Green World Enzymes Tablets is a natural, healthy and easy way to relieve eyestrain, improve digestion and reduce fatigue. Get more sleep for a healthier lifestyle!



Green World Blueberry Enzymes Tablet

Green World Blueberry Enzymes Tablet are an easy and natural way to relieve eyestrain, improve digestion, reduce fatigue-related stress on the body during long hours of computer use. The tablets also help you get better sleep for a healthier lifestyle!
Enzymes are substances that create chemical reactions in the body, including metabolism and digestion. These processes help cells to disintegrate and digest themselves for energy production or elimination of toxins.

Who Should Take Green World Enzymes Tablet?

  • Those who use eyes intensively, such as students, office staff
  • Those whose work rely on good night vision, such as drivers, pilots or sailors.
  • People who frequently exposed to electronic communication devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers.
  • Those who have pseudo myopia
  • The middle aged or elderly
  • People who have indigestion caused by digestive enzymes deficiency

Health Benefit of Green World Blueberry Enzymes Tablet

  1. Helps relieves eyestrain
  2. Improves night vision
  3. Protects eyes from the damage of harmful UV rays
  4. Prevents other eye disorders
  5. Green World Enzymes Tablet prevents other eye disorders such as cataract and glaucoma.

Dosage and How To Use Enzymes

  1. Individuals have different diets and can respond differently to digestion.
  2. Every individual is unique, it is suggested to start 2 tablets each time, 3 times a day.
  3. Adjustments if necessary until your gut has the best response.


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