Bell Liquid Multi-Vitamin

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Bell liquid Multi-vitamin is effective as a food supplements for the needed body vitamins and minerals which helps in body building, cells refreshing, body nourishment and keeping the immune system strong.

  • Provides important vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy body.*
  • Liquid multivitamin and mineral absorption rate is up to 98%.*
  • Much better than tablets where the average absorption rate by the human body is only 10-20%.*
  • A first-rate blend of vitamins, colloidal minerals, amino acids, and herbs.*
  • Not bioengineered, allergen free, gluten free, yeast free, soy free, lactose free, and no artificial colors added.*
  • Vegan-friendly.*
Absorption is everything! If you take supplements, but you can’t absorb them, what good are they? Many people take a daily multivitamin tablet, but may only absorb 10% to 20% of the nutrients (as per the Physicians’ Desk Reference). This is why Bell Lifestyle’s Liquid Multi-Vitamin was created, for maximum absorption of important vitamins and minerals. With our liquid multivitamin and mineral formula, you can achieve up to 98% absorption. This great tasting formula consists of a wonderful combination of vitamins, colloidal minerals, amino acids, and herbs.*
The mango flavor of our Liquid Multi-Vitamin wakes up your taste buds and you’ll think it tastes too good to be healthy! Not only does this preparation help to keep your body in balance, it also has many vitamins and minerals, along with herbs gifted with antioxidant properties to keep your immune system strong.*
This formulation also includes amino acids which are protein building blocks. Amino acids are necessary for optimum health and are needed for muscle development and repair. For those who exercise, amino acids will help you reach your goals and promote efficient recovery.*
Don’t wait until you’re under the weather, Bell Lifestyle’s Liquid Multi-Vitamin is your first step in supporting the immune system.*

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bell liquid multivitamin

Bell Liquid Multi-Vitamin

18,532.8018,532.80 (-100%)

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