• Bell Gout Relief

    • Helps relieve pain associated with gout.*
    • Helps maintain proper muscle function.
    • Helps in tissue formation.
    • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
    • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.
    • GMO free and allergen free.

    Bell Gout Relief

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  • NeoLife Botanical Healthy Balance


    NeoLife Botanical Healthy Balance is a safe, broad spectrum, holistic approach to glucose balance. This formula uses state-of-the-art science, ingredient technologies and sourcing expertise to combine whole-food ingredients shown to support glucose balance, giving you the powerful support needed to complete the body’s glucose management processes.

    Key Benefits

    Botanical Healthy Balance is rich in whole-food sourced botanicals, encompassed with ingredients like cinnamon, curcumin and turmeric which are known to help support normal glucose levels during fasting and after meals in three primary ways. 

    • Manage Glucose Uptake.
    • Optimise Insulin Sensitivity.
    • Maximise Insulin Receptor Function.


    NeoLife’s exclusive formula combines ancient wisdom drawn from Indian (Ayurvedic) and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, backed by leading-edge modern clinical science. This product includes the benefits of the following whole foods.

    • Cinnamon (Cassia) – The most studied and proven effective form for supporting healthy glucose metabolism and healthy blood glucose levels. Helps support normal fasting glucose levels, supports efficient insulin production and sensitivity and promotes cellular glucose uptake. 
    • Curcumin (Curcuma longa L.) – The most bioactive phytonutrient component of turmeric provides antioxidants and is used to help relieve inflammation. 
    • Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) – This antioxidant phytonutrient provides a broad spectrum of curcuminoids and is used to help relieve inflammation. 
    • Chromium – Derived from yeast, the most bioactive form. Chromium helps the body metabolise carbohydrates and fats and provides support for healthy glucose metabolism. It is a critical cofactor with insulin and helps maintain normal cellular responsiveness to insulin.
    • Alpha-Lipoic Acid – Helps protect against damage caused by free radicals. Also helps support normal blood sugar levels and the cells’ ability to utilise insulin.

    Take 2 tablets twice daily before the 2 largest meals.

  • Bell Inflammexx

    • Helps address pain and inflammation at the cellular level by switching off the master pain switch molecule, NF-Kb.*
    • Addresses pain through multiple pathways: Inhibits the Cox2 enzyme, halts production of inflammatory immune molecules, and provides antioxidant protection.*
    • Combines nine natural ingredients to help reduce discomfort – rosemary, turmeric, ginger, resveratrol (from Japanese knotweed), boswellia, holy basil, rutin, Chinese goldthread and Chinese skullcap.*
    • Formulated to help relieve joint pain.*
    • GMO free and allergen free.

    Bell Inflammexx

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